Revolution is an aspect of change in the society. It is a dramatic and wide- reaching change in attitudes, conditions and operations. Most world leaders have come out to restore human dignity through activities that fight fear giving hope to the human race. Our society needs a revolution in education, nutrition, justice, health and employment.

Freedom Square is a safe place where people are offered community based support. People who have been directly affected by the oppressive ‘justice’ system from years of internalised conflict. The young black men and women are given a chance to be themselves expressing their feelings without judgement and police brutality. The square is a physical symbol of our abolitionist ideologies. For Instance, violence, torture, rape, racism, and classism. At Freedom Square, we seek for liberation against this daily struggles. We seek to have a revolution through organising meetings, petitions and campaigns to fight against oppressive systems honestly and bravely.

At Freedom Square we seek to build strong relationships in an open, safe space. We know that no relationship is a hundred percent and that we will be faced by daily stumbles but it is here we learn to live peacefully and harmoniously with others, giving us the opportunity to be who we are. We know that to achieve what we want, revolution, we need one another. “If you want to go far and fast, go with others”.

Everyone here comes to work with a deep sense of transformation and the brevity to face down whatever negative ideologies might be encountered bravely and in a mature, responsible manner.

It is true that there can not be an utopian society but our struggle is created to have conflicts managed in a manner that does not result in deaths, negative feelings, low self-esteem, shame and hate. At freedom square only strong relationships and the knowledge that we are our “brothers keeper” can help achieve our dreams of a free society.
At Freedom Square, we hope that as each day passes, our relationship with one another will bring the revolution that we all need.