Colombia Tourism has continued growing regardless of the country being plagued with Travel Advisories because of the armed conflict between the Government, the FARC and other guerrilla groups. Thanks to increased security implemented by former President Alvaro Uribe ever since he took office in 2002, many foreigners visit the country and its most important attractions that make the country important in the South American Region.

Recommended Places to Visit

Armenia, or more specifically, the coffee region in which Armenia is a major city. The region is truly spectacular in its beauty!

Providencia Island is where we spent our honeymoon. Beautiful, in the Caribbean, they speak English there believe-it-or-not and unspoiled by tourism.

Santa Marta to the North of Cartagena and the sea is clean. There is some Colonial architecture to be seen and to the North, lies the famous Tayrona Park.

San Andres is beautiful with perfect sandy beaches. However, it is rather flooded with tourism and I recommend hopping over to Providencia instead. If you’re into nightlife and partying, San Andres might be the better choice. The word “tacky” comes to mind…

Manizales. I like Manizales! Admittedly, I only spent one day there being pushed for time but the city is beautiful and has a unique feel to it. It has a culture of its own I felt. Hard to put your finger on, but the place had a very good atmosphere.

Barranquilla Barranquilla is located close to Caribbean Sea in the northern part of the country. It is the capital of the Atlantico department and is the largest industrial city and port in the Colombian Caribbean region.

Now, for more about Colombia as a whole…

The Weather

One of the most appealing factors in tourism in Colombia is its varied weather. Being an equatorial country, there’s a hot season and a rainy season which is normally known as the winter. Colombia Tourism is strong thanks to its tropical climate along its coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that covers part of the eastern plains as well. While on those cities closer to the Andes you can experience comfortable temperatures throughout the day without feeling too warm or too cold.


When traveling to Colombia is easy to move around the different cities and visit as many attractions as you can thanks to it being connected by different airports. Important airports located in Colombia’s biggest cities serve as connections to smaller yet important departments with domestic flights that turn out to be inexpensive. Being the country so big, flying from one department to another isn’t odd not even for locals who also enjoy and benefit from the country’s tourism.


Colombia Tourism has flourished thanks to a hard-line approach by former President Alvaro Uribe called democratic security which consisted in pushing the rebel groups farther away from the major cities and tourist sites along with highways that connect them. Along with how easy it is to travel by air within the country and extra security in tourist attractions, number of foreign visitors have been increasing along with the country’s economy throughout the decade’s second half.

Cruise ships visiting Cartagena, inexpensive domestic flights connecting many of the country’s departments and, especial Tourism Police units deployed by the Colombian national Police have all improved Colombia Tourism and made it one of the most important countries regarding tourism in South America.

Food & Fruits

Colombia tourism can also be based on experiencing how fruit and juices should really taste. Take the wonderful maracuya for instance or the fascinating Guanabana!