Since I was young I always loved to play tennis, football and also swimming. But the truth is that I have never attended and participated in these events alone. Like always, I must inform my friends who were living at a nearby neighborhood to join me for such events. Sometimes when I am at my home I always remember my past while I was still young and ask myself a lot of questions. At times I even forget and think loud until the person seated next to me thinks that am talking to him. This was because I have never participated in any sport since I left that place.

This happened after completing my college studies and got employed by an insurance company. Since this company was not near my childhood zone, I left the hood so that I can join that insurance company. I did not come up with this decision easily because leaving for a new home with no friends is not always easy for some people like me. Other people always end up turning down some job offers because it separates them from their families and friends. But because it is a job and you need to earn some cash there is no any other reason to quit but to join the company.

In that insurance company, events such as sports was not much considered nor included in their agendas since this company was very busy marketing their insurance policy so as to compete for market with others who provided the same product. Although they did not involve themselves in sports, on weekends I used to attend sports events which were mostly held at schools venues and some sport stadiums in that area. At least attending these events made me feel relaxed and acted as a remembrance of how I used to love sports.

One summer holiday I remembered that I used to have friends who liked sports much like I do. Why should I not invite them so that we can play tennis? I did not hesitate but I picked my phone immediately and phoned them. Almost all of them were attending and they were happy because it will be like a reunion. We planned and agreed on one Saturday we should meet so that we can play tennis. I had old shoes which I used to play with them before but had now shrunk and I was not able to fit in them.

After reading a few guides here and here, I decided to go and my buy new sports shoes in sports house located in the area. On that Saturday they didn’t let me down but everyone came up nicely dressed with sports clothes and sports shoes. To admit some of them even had worn nicest sports shoes than even mine. We reached the tennis ground and we started playing but I wasn’t that much comfortable while playing. I was not used to the new sport shoe, so I kept on jogging until I felt my feet, which is when I decide to join my friends and continue playing. To remember, that is the best thing I have done so far. I really enjoyed the company of my friends and how well we played tennis that day.