Photos of architecture hold a special place not only in travel brochures, but also in the historical records of a place. This reinforces the significance of architecture photography and establishes it as a field that requires the knowledge of fundamentals for quality execution.

Considerations While Photographing Architecture

Apart from keeping factors like weather, daylight and shapes in mind, a photographer shooting structures must consider the following tips to produce pictures that speak a thousand words:

  • Giving environmental context to structures, when clicking them, enhances the appeal of the photos considerably. This especially holds true in the case of older buildings and farms. What surrounds the subject adds to its identity and, thus, a photographer should be conscious of it.
  • The art of playing with shadows can become the strength of a photographer working on architecture assignments. Often, spotting the right place and time when the design of a monument showcases an altogether distinct personality, enables one to capture a unique perspective of the architecture.
  • A photographer taking the shot of a building must know how to take advantage of the people present in the building. They can be made the medium to explain the character of the building. For instance, a scene that captures the position and mood of people will be able to tell whether the building is a gathering place or a tavern.
  • Sculptures are an important part of classical architecture. While photographing the premises of a monument, it is important that one uses the camera to pay attention to what sculptures are trying to say. Such pieces can reveal a lot about the ideology that is the origin of that architectural style.
  • There is one quality that is common among the finest architects – detail orientation. To respect this, a photographer has to identify the beauty of architecture in the most intricate pieces of work.
  • When shooting a building or monument, a photographer should try to focus on the experience of being in that space. So, in case a photographer is trying to capture the essence of ruins, the image will probably not be something pleasantly attractive.

Then, there are certain elements in architecture that usually command the primary focus. These include fountains, stairs and swimming pools. A good photographer makes sure that such components of a building receive the attention they deserve.